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Published: 10th December 2010
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Have you ever wondered how celebrities maintain such a flat stomach? Well look no further, this Slendertone System Abs belt will allow you to lose inches from your waistline with next to no effort at all!

This slimline belt is engineered to help develop abdominal strength, and toned muscles, with great definition in the most discreet, easy and comfortable way. It is a convenient way to build flattering abs if you are stretched for time as it can be used anytime, anywhere.

Slendertone System generates powerful contractions that give all your abdominal muscles a total work out, not just those under the belt.

Use the Slendertone System Abs belt for just 30 minutes, 5 times a week and in just 4 weeks you will have flatter, firmer abdominal muscles. This slimline belt comes with a hand held controller that can also be used to operate other products from the Slendertone System range.

Clinical Findings*:

* 100% of users reported firmer and flatter abdomens

* An 1.4 inch (3.5cm) average waist reduction

* 49% of users reported an increase in abdominal strength

The Slendertone products function through sending signals between pads that instigate muscle movement. The pads will wear out; however, the length of time the pads last is dependant on a number of factors including your skin type, how the pads are stored, and frequency of use. When used daily and in normal circumstances pads should last at least 20 sessions.

For Best Results:

Slendertone products will work most effectively when used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and a regular moderate exercise regime.

*Independent Controlled Study carried out by Dr. John Porcari at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse U.S.A.

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2. Items are generally shipped out within 3 working days after payment has been verified (Sat. & Sun. and most national holidays excluded.).

3. Free shipping to worldwide by EMS (EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE). We are excited to ship freely to most countries and areas, however, the followings are NOT provided with free shipping offer: Saudi Arabia, Angola, Netherlands, Nigeria, Czech, Kenya, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Bhutan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Maldives, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Estonia, South Africa, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and others. Please contact us before payment to confirm whether you are in free shipping areas or not.

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